Which Cloud is best for us?

So many Clouds, so many vendors, so little time...

If you have been watching the cloud announcements, the (not so fair) fare wars, you may be wondering - is this already a commodity that all these guys are engaged in competing on price? Or are they competing on price? What are they not telling me? Who has the right and current information? Should I put my faith blindly in some "cloud broker"?

If some of these types of things are keeping you up at night, you may want to rest a little easy because you are not alone. There is always some new announcement somewhere about some new feature or some price performance comparison that if you want to stay abreast and make use of those, you will fail to accomplish what you need. Moreover, you will waste of lot of time and resources trying to find that perfect bubble.

We recommend that you start with a, very simple and time tested, set of goals. What do you want out of moving your "stuff" into Cloud. What should you gain from this and what do you not know for sure? What should you watch out for? Task your bright minds to come up with the questions, however irrelevant they may appear to you. Read blogs, attend webinars, conferences or talk to your suppliers, customers, partners and investigate the many firms out there. You will know who are the good ones and who you want to stay away from. If the frequency matches, you will know how to proceed.

Only thing you need to remember are simple facts. A new technology or a commercial framework will offer you benefits in more than one dimension. If are you doing the same thing in the Cloud as what you did 10 years ago, you are not getting what you should from your cloud experience. If you are curious, you should investigate and see what can be improved and what it takes to get it done. This will give you a map. Alternatively, you can talk to us as well and we will show you what else is possible.


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