What is Navigate?

Navigate is a multi-cloud management platform with a simple and easy to use interface. It makes cloud management and 7*24 “Day-2 operations” as easy as point and click. Navigate takes care of the co
mplicated cloud tasks so you can get your work done easily.

Here are some salient features and benefits that you will get when you use Navigate --

  • You may have staff with Windows or Linux skills but not cloud skills.
  • With Navigate, your organization do not need to hire or train on cloud skills
  • We support two cloud providers today (AWS and Azure) and more are being added
  • For intermittent workloads such as development and testing shops,when your infrastructure is on the cloud, it is common knowledge that you can save money by stopping the instances when not in use. This requires a very simple discipline.
    • With Navigate stopping (shutting down) or starting (booting up) cloud instances (servers) is easy.
    • You can perform this action on-demand or setup a one-time or a repetitive schedule per server.
  • Backup and Restore
    • Performing backups is really easy as well.
    • You can schedule for repetitive backups and also say how many backups you wish to keep
    • Restores are done with the the click of a button
  • Monitoring
    • Navigate monitors servers 7*24 and send alerts to all users defined by you
    • One clean feature is the ability to look at all performance graphs for the same time period (X-axis) This simple screen can save you loads of time when troubleshooting performance issues by simply seeing whether your system is memory, storage, or CPU starved.
  • Adding storage to your server or resizing your server is done easily without having to know how.
  • If you tried to clone a server using the cloud portals you will know the difficulty in getting it right. With Navigate, you pick a server to clone, give a new server name and voila - everything is done for you.
  • You can delete unwanted servers and take a backup before deleting with just the click of a button
  • We have heard from our customers that providing cloud credentials to all of their staff has caused problems:  We have built this system to get around these problems.
    • People may start cloud servers and forget about them.
      • visibility is low but costs will be high for you
      • With the Inventory function on Navigate, what is deployed on the cloud is on one screen.
    • Cost Optimization

      • When your cloud servers are monitored by us, we see the utilization of your infrastructure.
      • We provide periodic recommendations for you to size your resources for your workload.
    • It is difficult to track who did what and when on the cloud portal
      • Keep your cloud credentials secure by not giving this access to anyone
      • Give your staff access to Navigate. With role based access control, they can only perform the actions they are authorized to do.
      • The audit log functionality lets you look between any two dates all changes (actions requested and performed) on your cloud – this helps with troubleshooting quickly and may al
        so help with your compliance requirements

The above are some of the benefits you get from Navigate as of this writing. There are many other benefits that I will be writing in subsequent posts. Thanks for reading. If you would like us to add more features, please do drop us a line at info@justopex.com

The Navigate SaaS platform is available with a free-trial for 30-days now. Sign up and test drive to realize the benefits that I have described above. Should you have any questions, please feel free to let us know at sales@justopex.com.

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