Terms and Conditions

We do not like fine prints. So here it is, big and clear, and in human readable form.

We are a "for profit" business. We have no intention of causing or bringing harm to anyone. We present this material as a teaser (an advertisement) to challenge your thought process so that if you are faced with similar problems or challenges, we hope you will do business with us (or the likes of us). If you use any information from any of our websites, blogs etc. without compensating us directly, then fair is fair: you can't blame us for any misadventure or loss that you may incur from your own application of such knowledge. If you think this is unfair, please feel free not to use any of our information.

You will not hold us responsible in any court in any jurisdiction for any damages of any kind whatsoever. You are completely free not to use our website and any of the material presented here. Use your common sense. Don't blame us if you burn your fingers: We've warned you - this high tech stuff should be left to professionals like us.

If you feel that we can do business together and we can commercially come to terms, then before such transaction occurs, we will be entering into separate contractual agreements which may subsume these Terms.

Until then, happy browsing and stay safe.