CIO / CTO Services

Consulting engagement to discuss industry best practices, strategy and market challenges and opportunities

The term "Strategy" as most people use in the industry, sometimes erroneously we understand, usually refers to coming up with an actionable plan" or picking "the best choice amongst various alternatives" that helps their organizations solve a problem or improve their situation in the most optimal fashion with one or more of the below qualities -- 

  • Would like quick results (delayed ROI and cost avoidance are dead solutions)
  • Plan should scale up and down as the organization changes to meet their market demands
  • Built and maintained in as inexpensive a manner as possible and
  • One that perhaps lasts a few years (re-engineering now and then is not an option)

We have our own proprietary methodologies rooted in scientific enquiry, logic and common sense that we use in our strategic consulting engagements. We are well versed with the industry standard models used by the big consulting firms. If you are looking for simple, unsophisticated, practical strategies that comes up with years of experience, we can help.

Strategic Consulting
Organization Design
IT Strategy

Typical discussion topics that we have completed in the past are below:

  • Video streaming startup -  Have content but need help to launch a video streaming service
  • Marketing automation company - Can DevOps help us get better?
  • Software development shop with nearly 1000 developers - Help with IT Strategy

Some of the engagements where we have helped implement an operating model for their organization -

  • Outsource remote infrastructure management keeping software development inhouse
  • Oversee service management to ensure smooth operations across 3 organizations and in-house staff

Some example topics we have engaged and completed:

  • Should we host everything ourselves in cloud or buy SaaS where available (email, Office apps, CRM) and integrate
  • Integration challenges with in-house CAD software with Azure hosted ERP and Amazon hosted business applications
  • Training - Integrate and build better quality controls on content delivered online as well as in-class