Service Level Agreement


JustOpex agrees to the following SLA terms with our customer subject to the said customer agreeing to the Terms and Conditions when using the self service portal and our product and services.

  • The cloud credentials information you provide us is never compromised by us.
  • All tasks that you submit via the self service portal will begin to execute within 15 minutes, 90% of the time in a month. It is important to note here that the speed of execution depends on the cloud provider and their systems responding to automation calls.
  • The above committment cannot be met when any of the following situations are true:
    • An Internet outage prohibiting our automation software to reach your cloud region
    • Any network outage with the cloud provider
    • The cloud credentials you have provided us are invalid or have expired
    • If your cloud account is locked out due to any reason not within our control
    • Any infrastructure outage with your cloud provider
    • We have a HA architecture, but any catastrophic outage caused by our cloud providers that limit our ability to function
    • The cloud provider has fundamentally changed their API access methodologies rendering our automation useless
    • Any "force majeure" event such as to acts of God, natural disasters (earth-quakes, fires, floods, etc.), human extremist acts (such as explosions, riots, wars, sabotage, terrorism, vandalism, etc.), accidents, governmental regulations or injunctions, labor strikes etc. and other such events that cannot be controlled, envisioned or influenced by us, result in an SLA breach for you.

To ensure that the above SLA has teeth, we offer the following service penalty:

We urge you to bring to our attention all events when we were not able to take care of business for you. We stand by that in the event that the delays that you mention in executing your tasks in a timely fashion occur due to our automation service, we will refund 60% of your monthly invoice at the rate of 20% of that month's amount in each of the next three month's consecutive invoices.

The only limitation that we ask of you is that you should file a complaint within 5 business days of such issue since this becomes extremely difficult to track down historical events owing to our volume of transactions.

We have detailed audit logs using which we will determine any cause for SLA breach. For every issue that we bring to us, we also commit to sending you details that caused the breach within a reasonable amount of time. We will have the final say regarding service penalties that we will agree to pay you. Besides the above penalties, we expressly decline to pay any other damages or penalties in any other form that may arise from your stated SLA breach, regardless of who is at fault for such a breach.

If you would like to hear more regarding our SLA, please contact us.