Privacy Policy

We do not believe in fine print. So, here is our privacy policy in human readable form.

We do not normally collect individual information for the sake of profiting in any way by selling such information. The only time we may collect individual information is when you express interest and contact us. Even then, we use this contact information for our business purpose only. We may keep your information and use it from time to time to send you news, offers and information about products or services from our company or our partners.

If you are providing such information, we also expressly require you to be truthful and provide your own and correct information. For this purpose we may institute tracking when someone presents information and this is for your protection only. We again do not use this information to benefit commercially from this. 

If you have access to our BLOG areas, you promise to not share your account details and password with others and that you will maintain the secrecy to your own password and frequently change passwords etc.