There are cloud management vendors and then you are looking at us. Here are some of the salient and key differences between the cloud management vendors that you may come across. Please go ahead and do your research. When you do this, you will know the value that we are providing without having to charge you for every small feature set. In our eyes, all of our clients are equally important.


Base Services
per month per server
Start Here
Ideal for Software Dev & Test projects
Check Inventory
Start or Stop Server
Reboot Server
Schedule Maintenance
Option 1 - Backup
per month per server
Addition to Base
Protect and manage your data
Snapshot backups
Schedule as many jobs
Restore Volume
Restore Server
Option 2 - Monitor
per month per server
Addition to Base
Monitor servers and critical services
Monitoring & Alerting
Server Performance
Pause & Resume
Cloud Optimization
Essential Services
per month per server
Most Popular
Features of Base, Options and more
Add Storage to Server
Resize (+/- CPU/RAM)
Clone Server
Delete Server
Managed Services
per month per server
Soup to nuts
Features of Essential and even more
Total management
DevOps support
High Availability
Transform your IT

Key Features

  • No setup or termination fees
  • No short or long-term contracts
  • Monthly price turns to daily price if used for less than 10 days.
    • Daily price is 1/10 of the monthly price
    • For example, daily price for essential service per server is $2.50
  • For Managed Services, contact us by clicking here
    • Prices vary based on type of environments and scope of required services
    • Volume discounts for higher volumes under management
  • Invoices will be at the end of the month following the monthly services
  • Invoice amount based on number of servers under management and subscription level
  • Price does not change with Cloud type or region of the Cloud or the number of clouds you need us to manage
  • Standard support included in the price
  • Prices listed are for SaaS only and does not include cloud provider costs
  • Annual billing option is available, please contact us for details
  • All prices listed in US Dollars.
    • For INR billing for companies in India, the exchange rate used is $1 = INR 65
  • Payment is due at the time of invoice
  • All taxes shall be added as appropriate during invoice