Partner Program

JustOpex is happy to announce a partner program as outlined below. Please register by clicking on the form and we will send you detailed information regarding the partner program that you have chosen. The three types of partner programs are based on the type of your company, your interest in providing managed services for the cloud and your strengths today. Should you have another reason to partner with us or would like a different arrangement you wish to propose, please write us via the "Contact Us" buton.

Technology Partner

Your organization specializes in software development for the Web, mobile, fintech, big data, analytics etc. You do not have cloud infrastructure management capabilities and are interested in offering this service to your clients, by partnering with us. Depending on engagement levels and tiers of business, we also introduce you to our clients that may require your specialized offers.

Consulting Partner

Your organization already offers infrastructure management services to your clients.  You have the requisite Linux and Windows skills but you lack skills in cloud and container technologies. By partnering with us, you offer higher level services to your clients wherein you continue to offer your services but work with us for the gap areas in your portfolio.  By partnering with us, we jointly market our services to both of our clients. 

Value Added Reseller

Your organization has all the skills needed and can probably compete with us in the marketplace. We invite you to explore our Navigate platform and use this as part of your services portfolio. By using the Navigate platform, you can automate all of your routine and mundane activities and move your technical staff to perform higher value functions instead of them working on commoditized infrastructure services.