• User role

    A user at this level of access has read-only access for a project. Users with "read only" access to a project can browse through the resource inventory of the project, look at the various defined schedules as well as review the status of submitted jobs and audit logs. A user of one project can be an admin or even an owner for another project.


  • Admin role

    A person who is defined as an administrator (or admin) for a project can perform tasks that alter the state of the resources of the project. Tasks such as start (boot up), stop (or shutdown) or reboot servers, perform or schedule backups, enable specific servers to be monitored etc. Restoration of backups, changing the size of the server or cloning servers can also be performed by the administrator. The subscription level of the project limits what functions are available to the project administrator.


  • Owner role

    A project owner typically is accountable, or owns the P/L, of the project in her organization. The project owner therefore has access to all aspects of the project that impact the financial aspects of the project. In addition to the "access levels" of an administrator, the project owner also has access to perform user administration as well as manage the subscription levels for the project. The rights of an owner are not transferrable once defined in the self service portal. Should you have a genuine reason for this, please contact support.


  • All users

    All users who are defined to at least one project can update their own profile, change password, etc. Users can switch between projects to which they have access. Any user who has access to the self service portal can create her own project when she has the access levels of a project owner as defined above.


  • Help and Support

    Contextual and on-screen help is avaibale whenever a user requires a better understanding of what tasks can be performed from, or what is needed on, a particular screen. Besides this, users can also request for support and get answers for their questions. JustOpex will make every effort to reply to their support questions within a reasonable time. Users are also urged to check out the FAQ and the how-to documents since many questions may already be answered there. These FAQs and how-to documents are also being constantly updated. The "Our Views" section of this website also provides for many tips that users may find useful in their work.