Should I move to cloud?

Move to cloud

The media buzz about cloud makes you want to believe that many businesses want to embrace cloud and want to move to cloud these days. Some common notions are that “it will differentiate our business”, “it will keep us competitive”, “it will make us more money”, “and it will save costs” and so on. Are any of these true? There are many advantages to cloud and there is no denying that but are those for you?

I guess simply moving to the cloud without a valid reason or with an incorrect expectation is worse only to telling everyone you are on the cloud as a fashion statement.  A proper assessment will help you get an understanding of whether or not there are business needs which will be better served running on a cloud. Just being on cloud without a good reason does not increase a business’s profitability any more than your food will taste better if you chew with gold plated teeth.

A month or so back, we @JustOpex did an assessment for someone who asked us about cloud. We talked to them, understood their business and requirements and we recommended “Do not move to cloud”. Although with a little transformation, this business could have moved to cloud, we determined that there was simply of no value because of their situation.  We did a total cost of ownership analysis for them over 3 years – cloud vs. in-house infra – The cost benefit analysis just did not work in favor of the cloud. So for this environment we concluded “no cloud” and gave other recommendations on how they should manage their IT for the next three years. Our client agreed with our recommendation and they are happy.

It is important for us to put the interest of the customer above our own. We believe that a cloud assessment is not about figuring out what it takes to move to the cloud but an assessment of what IT transformation needs to be done to improve ROI on the IT expenditure for your business.  8Ball

Our recommendation is just that – do not lose sight of the 8-ball.
We can help you understand about how the economics of cloud applies for you.  Our assessment program is a painless exercise and you will have a logically laid out roadmap on what IT transformation, if any, should you do to reach your stated goals. We @JustOpex will be glad to help you with an assessment…

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