Should we move everything to cloud?

This question has been debated in many ways in many forums. We tell our customers not to think of other businesses but to think of what benefits they can extract out of moving to Cloud. The question for you will soon become: “why not move everything to cloud?”

Why do you need a data center? What compels you to buy ICT equipment and invest in depreciating assets? What business drivers, compliance or regulatory requirements force you to have your own data center and infrastructure? If there are indeed government regulations that force you to invest capital, are you getting some pecuniary benefit? If this is not the case, perhaps you didn’t believe cloud is prime time. Well, we are here to dispel these myths. Keep watching these blogs.

Cloud is here to stay. Don’t take our word for it, research and you will see for yourself.

The question you should be really asking is why can’t we move everything to cloud? What stops us from moving to cloud and improving and delivering on the “promise of IT” – you know speed to market, competitive advantage and all that stuff you put in your business cases and fought to defend them: because they appeared like soft advantages that you couldn’t truly put a value on. Well here is your chance to quantify and extract all those values and show an improving ROI on your IT spend.

True there are some business processes and applications that cannot be run out of a cloud. That’s where hybrid cloud comes in. If you are paranoid about security in the cloud, ask yourself when was the last time you checked how safe your current environment is from outside and inside threats? There is an answer for every question and we are convinced as do so many of the customers we have helped over the last few years. The best of companies see the benefit of moving to the cloud quickly and are executing their strategies.

Drop us a note with your questions and we will be glad to help.

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