Cloud Migration

We perform both types of cloud migrations as described below. Please let us know how can we engage with you to showcase our capabilities and how we can get cloud migration projects done for you quickly and successfully.

On-premise to Cloud

Using our tried and tested methodology and toolsets, we migrate your on-premise workload to the cloud. To ensure the migration happens one-time and is successful, we work with you on a detailed planning exercise to ensure all of the details are captured. In a migration, the most important things are the smallest details that will invariably cause trouble later. We have ready models and methods to complete migration of your workload to any public cloud that you prefer. 

Migrate between Clouds

Given that no two public cloud providers are alike, it becomes extremely important that your migration project be handled by someone who understands the different cloud providers along with their terminology as well as know how to translate cloud functions, commands and terminology from one cloud to another. Ensuring proper network design and incorporating newer business priorities or requirements, JustOpex migrates you to your new cloud provider in a non-intrusive manner.