Managed Services

We have 3 levels of managed services based on your requirements as outlined below. Please let us know how we can engage with you and show you how each of these compare to your requirements so you can choose what works best for you. We are especially proud of our nonstop framework that offers very high availability to your systems if your systems are cloud enabled.

Managed Services for Non-production

Non-production environments are typically used for software development, various types of testing as well as for staging environments. Managed services requires a good balance of customization, system integration and availability of quick action to perform required tasks along with the overall cost of the environment. We use "Navigate" automation suite to supplant our managed services for non-production environments.

Production Environments

Maintaining a production environment requires elements of monitoring and knowing precisely what actions are required to recover from outages. Availability of personnel and work instructions are important to ensure production systems are available. Data protection, performing scheduled upgrades and strict change control are some of the traditional  methods of managing production systems

Highly Available

JustOpex is proud to support high availability for clients based on the "nonstop" framework that JustOpex has built.  An environment can be run with the "nonstop" framework when your applications are cloud enabled and the entire architecture is nonstop compliant. Your operating model may require minor changes to enable "nonstop" but once done, you will not want to use any other method due to the high availability that "nonstop" affords compared with the cost to run systems at these elevated availability levels.

We would like to see that "nonstop" become the only way to increase availability of environments without significantly increasing the costs for running systems in a highly available mode.