A DevOps implementation requires several aspects of transformation within your organization. DevOps is not about buying another set of tools - it requires a fundamentally different mindset and a willingness to change for a greater good at the cost of minor inconveniences on the part of the teams working in this model. Many organizations have not been successful because the change required conflicts with various milestones and deadlines and becomes easy prey looking for excuses.

JustOpex is uniquely qualified to help you with a DevOps implementation based on their experience of completing such projects at different organizations. JustOpex helps in all of the key factors outlined below for the successful adoption of DevOps :

  • Management's communication of their committment and sponsorship
  • Management's communication of their vision and necessity for DevOps
  • Seeking influencers and their buy-in within your organization
  • Driving an organizational change - whether this is with your hierarchical structure, processes or key performance indicators

JustOpex also will implement all the technology and tool sets required for DevOps. There are many tool sets available in the market place. Depending on your appetite for investment in various tools, adoption of microservices and container technologies, adoption of configuration management systems and other aspects, an implementation of DevOps will be tailored for your specific situation.

It is extremely important to be inclusive in implementing DevOps by bringing together all the different, perhaps siloed, teams together and to understand their concerns. This is necessary so that the teams feels there were part of the implementation of DevOps rather than being thrust down their throats. This ensures that the resulting environment helps your stated business goals. As part of a DevOps implementation, it would be beneficial to your organization to explore other aspects such as CI/CD, high availability implementations etc. JustOpex has experience in driving an implementation of DevOps at companies involved in web development, mobile app development, big data and analytics development as well as with software development using Microsoft technologies.