Container Services

JustOpex has capabilities to help you with Containers in the following areas -- 

  • Work with your teams to transform your environment so you develop microservices
  • Build container systems and management systems based on your organization preference (Kubernetes, OpenShift etc.)
  • Ensure that a proper API discovery and management system exists within our organization
  • Enable "agility" within your enterprise for quicker software deployment
  • Bring in best practice of infrastructure management to containers to ensure security, data integrity and availability
  • Manage your container implementation whether for your development, test or production environments.

JustOpex has experience in implementing Containers for several different Operating systems including Linux and Windows. We also have built our own automation tools to manage container images and repositories which are easier to manage and deploy compared to some of the tool sets available in the market place. This enables us to manage large container clusters, deploy software to your containers and ensure there is no sprawl, wastage or improper utilization of hardware resources.