Cloud Consulting

Readiness Assessment

JustOpex will assess your workload to figure out "readiness for cloud" and what it takes to move a part or the entire estate to cloud. This includes such things as application profiling (CPU, Memory, disk, network, interfaces and dependencies), understanding what constitutes application uptime and get a feel for user activity, latency and bandwidth, regulatory and data integrity requirements.
Using a “maturity index”, it is possible to explore the amount of transformation needed to move to cloud.

Cloud Strategy

JustOpex will work with you to develop a strategy for cloud adoption. This may include such things as a high level organizational, business process and application discovery, understanding business drivers and goals etc. Exploring the pros and cons of what sort of clouds (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) make sense and in what deployment models (private, public or hybrid cloud) for the organization, JustOpex will help pick an optimal solution based on short and long term needs with the right balance and trade offs.

Cloud Optimization

JustOpex will optimize the architecture of one or more applications deployed on cloud. Whether your intended requirement is to improve costs, performance, availability, manageability, scalability or combinations of these, JustOpex uses a standard method to deliver the intended result. The process typically involves discovery to obtain application profiling, user activity, network latency, I/O parameters, resource utilization and performance statistics, understand cloud components utilized in the architecture including networking and security considerations. We then analyze bottlenecks and hindrances to accomplish stated goals.


JustOpex helps you with identifying elements needed in your environment whether they are your applications, infrastructure, your overall architecture or your operating model and come up with a plan to transform one or more of the above to meet your stated goal. Whether your goal is to move to the cloud, or move to container technology or to implement DevOps in your environment or to adopt nonstop availability for your critical applications. JustOpex will discover the various components associated with the stated goal and come up with suggestions on how to transform them to meet the target requirement.