Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

JustOpex builds for a set of requirements, whether it is just for one application suite or for the enterprise, a technical schematic that will include solutions for all functional and non-functional requirements  in the architecture. JustOpex will also, if required, include operating models, and processes around application and information lifecycles. We have bundled our cloud architecture services for the topics as outlined below

High Availability

JustOpex can help you build high availability architectures for your production applications to improve your availability of your applications. JustOpex also has a "nonstop" framework which requires some amount of transformation of your applications, using which, you are able to reach near-zero downtime for your applications along with ensuring that your applications never have to be taken down for maintenance. "Nonstop" is a proprietary method by JustOpex that requires changes in your operating model as well resulting in extremely highly available applications for your organization.


JustOpex can help you build a technical architecture along with toolsets and processes necessary to implement in your oganization to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery so that you can build, test, deploy and enable your organization to achieve quicker speed to value with your application development projects. CI/CD is a industry standard methodology and there are many toolsets available in the market. JustOpex will identify and help build an implementable plan specifically for your organization.

Virtual Desktops

For your virtual desktop requirements, JustOpex can build an optimal architecture using AWS or Azure cloud providers and their toolsets, a compliant and easy to operate infrastructure architecture. A virtual desktop environment on the cloud will require aspects of directory, file and print integration with your enterprise network as well as enable you to have multiple environments for your users needs. Aspects that will be part of our architecture include such things as golden images, operating system image maintenance, software product catalog management along with methods to quickly provision or decommission virtual desktops.