Overall Benefits

With JustOpex Navigate, your organization doesnt' pay a setup or a termination fee. There are no training costs. With this subscription, you don't have to have specific skills for a cloud. Today we support 2 public cloud providers and soon we will be adding support for even more clouds. You only pay for adminsitration based on the number of servers using the language that you will see in the self service portal. After this, it becomes easy play and when you have new servers in another cloud, there is no training curve. Imagine hiring people, training them and maintaining different clouds and servers. Do your math on your costs. We have and we know what trouble sounds like. That is the reason we build this automation for you to benefit.

Benefits for Software Development and Testing Shops

Most shops, whether small or large engaged in the above function, usually do not work round the clock. When projects from these shops are on cloud, they have the luxury of not paying for the compute cycles when they are not being used. When these projects are able to turn off the cloud servers during unused periods, they save on costs for their respective organizations. But this is hard work and requires discipline. It also requires that many different people may need elevated access levels to the cloud console.

Navigate helps you limit the exposure of your cloud credentials and further defines roles on who can perform what function. It lets you schedule repetitive work such as stop and start servers. Finally one can audit who performed what function on your cloud. These things help an organization improve security and performance while minimizing cloud infrastructure expenditure.

Benefits from Backups

It is almost passé to have to preach that backups are important. With this optional service, taking backup copies of your servers and your teams' work is simple, elegant and inexpensive. Remember, there is no manual work on your part to perform these backups. You don't have to buy expensive software, worry about how to handle media, storing volumes nor performing selective restore operations. All of these operations are handled with the ease of "point and click" and are executed for you based on your schedule.

Benefits from Monitoring

Besides knowing when servers are down, this function monitors the simplest of things such as hardware utilization. This helps you understand when your servers are overloaded and if there is a requirement for you to increase hardware. It also let's you watch performance graphs side by side so that you can troubleshoot and understand where the bottlenecks may lie in your system. Finally, with the help of your collected utilization statistics, it would be possible to understand resource utilization and tweak the sizing to get better performance or optimize costs.

Essential Services

With Essential Services, you get all of the optional services along with the base services for the same price. In addition, you will be able to perform certain other functions that you may need for your organization such as cloning a server or resizing a server etc.