Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

I did not receive any emails

Please add “” to your safe senders list or white list the “” domain in your email client. It is possible that this email may have ended up in your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. Once you do this one time, you will not miss any of our emails.

Also, most email clients restrict automatic download of images from the Internet.  To see images in your email client, the above actions will sort out email issues regarding receiving and/or visibility and content.

How Secure is my data?

Your own username and password as well as the cloud credentials you share with us are always encrypted and at no time do these transmit or store in clear text or in a decrypted fashion. Using industry standard SSL certificates and encryption and a one-way trap door algorithms, your password can never be decrypted by anyone.

Information stored in our servers are not accessible from the Internet except through designated data flows. When we have to use your cloud credentials to login to your cloud for a task that you ask us to perform, our automation software decrypts and uses your credentials in memory and at no time are these credentials written out to a file, error log or transmitted in clear text.

Our production systems have limited access to only a handful of engineers of our own company. We work with the minimalist concept limiting exposure on a need basis.