NAVIGATE is a self-service, purpose built, automation software product, which makes cloud management and cloud operations as easy as point and click. It is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) - so you only pay for what you use


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Self Service Driven

Securely access the self service portal from anywhere on your browser. We recommend using a laptop or a desktop browser to access this portal.

Common UI

With a common and intuitive user interface, getting your work done becomes easy. The complexities of different clouds are hidden in the automation.


All transactions and storage of credentials are encrypted to industry standards. At no point will there be any transmission or storage of credentials in clear text


Most popularly available in a multi-tenant installation. For enterprises, this entire suite is also available in a stand alone model.

Service Levels

We intended Navigate to be always available and execute all tasks within 15 minutes. This is our committment. For more on SLA, please click below

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We believe NAVIGATE is so intuitive you won't need any support. However, should you have an occasion where you need help, our engineers will support you - and what's more, we won't charge you a support fee.

What our Client's say...

Besides the nice and easy user interface and the role based controls, Navigate’s hidden feature that we really like is the inclusion of the Audit Log. In a multi-person environment, such as ours, the audit log feature drives accountability with our technical staff. Everyone knows the details of actions performed (who, what, when) and this is very useful for compliance. It also helps us with tracking changes making troubleshooting and resolving issues that much quicker.

Director, Zieta Technologies